The effortless way to sell your items.

We take care of the entire selling process!
Here's how it works

  • We valuate your items

    Your time is valuable. This is why we first appraise your items to provide a complete consultation.

  • We arrange everything needed for the sale of your items

    We prepare your items to be sold from one of our distribution centres. We also provide on-site consignment.

  • We market and sell your items

    We leverage our omni-channel network of buyers to get you the best price for your items.

  • You get paid when your items sell.

    Our entire process is transparent. You'll be notified when and for how much your item sells for.

Ready to get Started?

We list your valuables across the web, ensuring you get the the best profits on each sale.

Why ListingHippo?

  • We come to You.

    We come to your home or business, appraise your items and provide you the best selling solution.

  • You get your space back.

    We pick up and store your items at our secure distribution centres at no cost to you.

  • All of your items are processed and cleaned.

    We make them look pretty for the camera! This can increase the value of your items when they are listed on the marketplace.

  • Get the best bang for your buck.

    We analyze the market to determine the best price for your items.


Our process at is efficient and fast! Simply book an appointment and one of our agents will come to your house or business to assess your valuables. Once we determine that we can help you we pickup your valuables and bring them back to our facility. Here we will clean, take descriptions and pictures of your valuables and list them on all major marketplaces. We take care of the selling process handling all negotiations and buyer inquiries. Once items have been sold and shipped we proceed to pay you out.

Once an agreement has been made one of our agents will contact you within 48 hours to schedule a pickup.

Every item is unique. Our team works together to actively market your items and sell them to the right buyer as quickly as possible.

Payouts are conducted on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Your items will be stored at our facility identified in the agreement.

There is no limit; whether it is one item or many we are here to help you.

Yes. You can certainly visit our facility with an appointment.

Items are kept for a maximum of 6 months.

We do our best to ensure that your items sell for the right amount in a timely manner. In the event your items do not sell within 6 months we will contact you and offer you different solutions.

Our staff is trained to determine the selling value of your items by conducting market research. We make sure you get the most value for your items.

Yes. You are more than welcome to set a reserve or minimum price. Our agents will work with you to provide any suggestions.

On the 1st and 15th of every month you will receive a statement outlining what has been sold and for how much alongside your payout.